Hotel & Event Packages

Hotel & Event Packages 21+

22nd - 29th Apr 2020

at Thailand, Phuket

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Hotel & Event Packages

Events packages Inclusive of Hotel Stay

Platinum Package (Sharing Full Payment Option)
£1,250.00 + £75.00 handling
Platinum Package (Single Occupancy Full Payment Option)
£1,500.00 + £90.00 handling

Events Only Package

Not inclusive of Hotel Stay

Gold Package (Full Payment Option)
£520.00 + £31.20 handling

Event Details

Destination Thailand VIP holds the key that will give you an experience of a life

time in Thailand Phuket. We will take you on adventures that go beyond your

imagination. Be prepared to experience crystal blue seas, legendary pool

parties, a visit to the out of this world Tiger Kingdom. These events mentioned

are just a taster of what is to come on our fun filled 7 night stay in Phuket


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